Webinar: Establishing Professional relationships with Parents: Connections & Boundaries (1 hour)

1 Hour Webinar

Who is this webinar for?

Teachers who wish to establish professional boundaries and relationships with


Why have you created this webinar?

Upon research Rebecca has undertaken of what causes teacher’s stress, there was a huge response which indicated the impact of parental pressure. For example:

  • “Lack of support, pressure, parents having the freedom to do and say what they want”.
  • “Most of my stress comes from parents – especially since Covid. There is an expectation of 24/7 access”.

It was clear that teachers felt that there was a lack of professional boundaries and lack of support when challenging behaviours and additional needs were a factor.

Teachers are struggling to communicate effectively with parents and get the support they need.

Rahoo are passionate about professional development for teachers and have worked with over 11,000 teachers since 2017. As a teacher, you are the most important person in the classroom – you make the greatest impact on the students in front of you.


What is included?

This is a 1-hour webinar to support participants to:

- Establish professional boundaries with parents throughout the year.

- Provide guidance/advice for dealing with challenging parents.

- Approach sensitive conversations with parents.

- Know where to seek support, guidance and advice.

Webinar Objectives

-To understand how to establish professional boundaries with parents.

-To understand where to seek advice, guidance and support from with regards to


-To understand how to approach sensitive conversations with parents, using a

set structure.

-To understand how deal with a challenging parent in a professional way.

-To provide you with templates and guidance with establishing professional

boundaries with parents.

Facilitator: Rebecca Morrisey

Rebecca Morrissey, Junior Infant class teacher in an Educate Together school in

Dublin. Rebecca trained to be a Primary Teacher in the UK, taught for three years in

Qatar and have been teaching in Ireland for 4 years.

With this experience, Rebecca has met and connected with many different types of families, from many different backgrounds. As a result, she has clear ideas in how she can establish

professional relationships with any parent to better the learning experience of

the child.

In recent years, she has had to have some difficult conversations with parents with

regards to additional needs. This has taught me to be factual, empathetic and

aware of the next steps to support each child.

Meeting parents can be daunting, particularly if you need to have a sensitive conversation. But building professional bonds with parents can make the overall running of your classroom

a lot smoother with some simple tweaks.

This webinar aims to give you some guidance and structure to your relationships

with the parents and ensure that it’s a working relationship to benefit the

children. There will be simple tips in how to set out your availability to parents,

remaining professional and setting clear boundaries.

A downloadable Certificate will be accessible.


Thank you for taking the time to check out this certified webinar. Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any questions you would like to ask. We love hearing from you and will do all that we can to support you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a certificate of attendance?
Yes, you can get a certificate post-event to download.
Will I be visible to other attendees?
No! Imagine a dark theatre with the lights shining on the stage – and nobody can see each other in the audience – we use Zoom webinar technology and so it is not like attending a virtual meeting. As well as this, questions can be inputted anonymously.
When does the webinar start and finish?
The webinar starts and finishes at 7 – 8pm on Monday 27th March. Please try to be 5 minutes early and get yourself cosy with your cuppa and notebook – and a few scented candles – go on!
What if I can’t make it at the date and time? Can I attend later?
Yes – sign up as usual. The event will be recorded and the recording will be shared the next day and available up to two weeks post-event to watch. All you need to do is log back into our platform and it will be there on the event page.

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